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Personal returns include 3 Year Audit Protection

I shield my clients from IRS notices,audits, and ID theft to give them peace of mind all year long

Actually, you can buy  peace-of-mind

When you provide the firm-level program to all of your 1040 individual clients, you and your clients can enjoy peace of mind all year long. We’ve partnered with an experienced team of CPAs and EAs from Tax Protection Plus who are on your side to handle situations when your clients receive notices from the IRS or state agencies, get audited or become the victims of identity theft.

Notices and audit assistance

Our bilingual (English & Spanish) team of experienced EA and CPA case resolution specialist provides personalized support if a receives a notice from the IRS or state, or gets audited. They’ll help your clients:

  • Interpret letters from the IRS and the state, and help with correspondence
  • Give guidance on next step and representation as necessary
  • Research the statuses of returns with the IRS
  • Reconcile CP2000s and other inquiry letters
  • Address issues with IRS forms including Schedules A, C, and E
  • Assist with denied credits
  • Resolve tax debts and rejected  ITINs


We cover your clients with comprehensive identity theft restoration services, including:

  • 24/7 access to identity theft restoration advocates
  • Notifications to banks and agencies if other forms of ID were stolen
  • Fraud alerts on credit records
  • Daily credit monitoring from all three bureaus for 6 months after ID theft has been reported


Client receives a notice

Your client receives a notice from the IRS or state taxation agency. They hit the panic button and call you, their tax professional.

You notify tax protection plus

You’re in charge. So offload the tedious tasks, but maintain control of the process. Tax Protection Plus works with you and your clients as much or as little or as you prefer.

Your tax specialist goes to work

Your assigned tax specialist analyzes the issue(s) and assemble required documentation. They’ll formulate a plan to get things resolved in your client’s favor.

The case is resolved

Your expert will make phone calls, wait on hold for answers, and work with all parties involved until the audit or notice is resolved – no matter how long it takes.

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